ZTR Control Systems has launched a new wheelslip control system for retrofitting to older locomotives.Named BOA the system will benefit ageing fleets to get the most advanced excitation and superior locomotive wheel slip protection next to a full control system.

The BOA improves locomotive tractive effort, operation protection and reliability for better train handling, adhesion and performance. With ZTR’s new wheel slip control system train operators can extend the life of their fleets and ensure increased value added.

Other features are:

-Increased adhesion through tractive effort improvements of up to 80% for DC main generator units and up to 25% for AC main generator units. Compatible with typical 4 and 6 axle traction motor configurations.

-Designed using the FLEX platform hardware allowing for easy installation and future upgrades.

-Main generator and traction motor automatic short-term current regulation; voltage and current protection; and grid current protection.

-Improved throttle response with superior train lifting and handling capabilities, transition and field shunt control.

-Integrated monitoring, diagnostics, logging and event counting through an intuitive web browser interface.

-No need to install proprietary software for setup and commissioning operations.  Additional operating performance improvements provide the most cost-effective locomotive adhesion control available to extend the life of your locomotive.

Other benefits are improved tractive effort, flexible hardware options, enhanced equipment reliability, superior train handling and control and intuitive diagnostic interface.

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