The top innovations of InnoTrans 2016 – report


The top innovations of InnoTrans 2016 – report

Through technology and innovation we create an ever safer, more efficient, and more effective railway industry. It is with this in mind that the team headed to InnoTrans in Berlin, in search of the most innovative and ground-breaking developments that are set shape the future of the railways.

We spoke to hundreds of companies over the week, with many of them presenting new and impressive solutions. In this report, we are pleased to present 9 of the very best solutions that were on show at the industry’s most important conference.

Read our quick run-down below, or download the full report here:
The top innovations of InnoTrans 2016 – report


Real-time fibre optic tracking by Frauscher Sensor Technology


At InnoTrans 2016 Frauscher premiered their new real time fibre optic tracking system. Based on Distributed Acoustic Sensing technology,  Frauscher’s system has the potential to revolutionise railway operations.


KONUX sensor technology by KONUX GmbH


KONUX enable railway companies to be data-driven, with innovative sensor solutions for real-time insights and predictive maintenance.


POWERVE: Portable Weigher for Railway Vehicles by Innovative Vibration Monitoring


POWERVE, designed and manufactured in Italy by IVM, is a fully portable innovative measurement system, designed to measure the static weight force distribution loaded on track by each rolling stock wheel.


A.U.R.A by NEM Solutions


NEM’s technology has been in constant evolution for most of the last decade, and A.U.R.A is currently recognized as one of the most advanced technologies in the market for predictive maintenance and business management.


Rail asset lifecycle management solutions by Trimble (Nexala)


Trimble’s portfolio addresses everything from full fleet maintenance, real-time remote vehicle diagnostics, and in-service vehicle performance, through to driver performance management and timetable adherence.


3InSat project by Ansaldo STS


Ansaldo STS, a Hitachi Group company, exhibited a ground-breaking new signalling solution at InnoTrans 2016, which utilises satelittle technology to create a more competitive, reliable, and cost-effective signalling solution.




With CALIPRI Prime, NEXTSENSE have developed their proven technology that is used all over the world to create a revolutionary, new cost-effective solution that is likely to become essential to wheelset maintenance in the years to come.


Kyland Train Control Management System by Kyland


Kyland’s innovative solution, which they introduced at InnoTrans 2016, has the unique feature of providing uninterrupted ethernet backbone communications, while maintaining high performance in critical services.


3D Laser Radar level crossing obstacle detection system by IHI


IHI’s 3D Laser Radar prevents level-crossing accidents with its highly accurate obstacle detection ability, which is unaffected by poor light and adverse weather conditions.


Download the full report here:
The top innovations of InnoTrans 2016 – report

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