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Sales & Profits Grow as Unipart Invests in New Technologies

OXFORD, England, March 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Unipart Group has announced its financial results for the year ended 31 December 2016. Turnover was £747.7m (£722.5m in 2015); profit before interest, tax and exceptional items was £28.3 million (£27.5million in 2015). The Group ended the year with a net cash balance of £15.2m (2015 £7.1m). Commenting […]

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Why Innovation in Rail is Broken and What You Can Do About It – Introducing The Railway Innovation Champions Program

Innovation in the railways is broken. Why? Because the industry is set up in a way that disincentivises innovation. Short-term franchise awards stop operators and financiers from investing in the technology that can ultimately reduce their costs and increase passenger satisfaction. Short-term franchise awards encourage them to focus on the short-term ROI of operations and […]

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3 ways that drones could change the railway industry

The power of drones is being harnessed across new industries every day. As drones become more affordable, we are seeing them used in industries from agriculture, to mail delivery, to insurance. Moreover, the number of industries utilising drone technology is set to rocket. Consulting group PwC predicted that by 2020 the global market for drone […]

5 ground breaking innovations that will shape the future of railway maintenance

5 ground-breaking innovations that will shape the future of railway maintenance

We are living in a time of innovation and massive progress. It is clear that the ever-increasing pace of technological achievements will be a major driver of change in the rail industry in the coming months and years. What’s more, the history of innovation teaches us that technological advancement is not just linear, but exponential. […]


The top innovations of InnoTrans 2016 – RailwayInnovation.com report

Through technology and innovation we create an ever safer, more efficient, and more effective railway industry. It is with this in mind that the RailwayInnovation.com team headed to InnoTrans in Berlin, in search of the most innovative and ground-breaking developments that are set shape the future of the railways. We spoke to hundreds of companies […]

University of Huddersfield launches Centre for Innovation in Rail

LEADING figures in the UK railway industry came to the University of Huddersfield to celebrate the completion of a multi-million pound test rig – the only one of its type in Europe – and the inauguration of a new group that will help to fast track innovations in railway technology. The University is home to […]

Why is the railway industry so slow at adopting new innovations and technology?

Over the past twenty years we have seen tremendous technological evolution driven by innovation in the consumer electronics sector, alongside the rise of digital connectivity and the Internet of Things. Yet unlike other dynamic industries, transport companies are struggling to adopt new technological innovations, and this is hindering the growth of the industry itself. Passenger […]

RSSB Train Operator Competition 2016 offers £4m in prizes for innovation

The RSSB’s Train Operator Competition 2016 (TOC’16) is offering £4m in prizes to promote innovation in railway technology. The competition aims to connect train operators and suppliers as they seek to overcome some of the most important challenges in the industry today to improve performance and service, and increase reliability and safety. Proposals must involve […]