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MRT singapore

5 Countries That Show Us What The Future Of Rail Looks Like

What do the railways of the future look like? A handful of countries are so pioneering in rail today that they give us a glimpse of things to come. Most countries in the world operate a railway system of some sort, but there are a few who have taken it to the next level. They […]

$140bn plan to use high-speed rail in urbanising interior Australia

An international consortium has begun plans to connect the three major Australians cities of Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne by way of a 917-km high-speed rail system. The proposed rail system will be funded by the construction of eight sustainable cities along the route. The plan is set to offer significant benefits to Australians, 46% of […]

China’s Hainan Island to get world’s first island-looping high speed train

China is renowned for its high-speed railway technology and the incredible rate with which the country’s railway network has expanded. The country has now built the world’s first circular high-speed railway line. It will go into service on Wednesday in China’s southernmost province of Hainan. Passengers can go around the main island of the province, while […]