French Operator SNCF to implement IBM Watson Internet of Things tech


French Operator SNCF to implement IBM Watson Internet of Things tech

IBM have announced that French operator SNCF will use the IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enhance safety, security, and fleet availability.

SNCF manage scheduling, operations, and maintenance for a network with 30,000 km of track, 15,000 trains, 3,000 stations, and 13.5 million passengers per day.

The cloud-based Watson IoT platform will enable the French operators to access data collected by sensors across the network. Thousands of sensors installed on trains and tracks will securely send data in real-time to the IBM Watson Cloud, to support maintenance decisions.

The technology will allow SNCF to perform predictive maintenance – reducing downtime, maximising efficiency, and improving safety.

On the mass transit Parisian lines, new generation trains are fitted with 2,000 sensors, forwarding 70,000 data points each month. This enables engineers to remotely monitor the health of 200 trains at a time, without having to pull them out of service.

The sensors provide data that can help predict, for example, failures in the performance of doors, heating, ventilation and A/C, or damage to overhead lines.

Predictive maintenance technology is increasingly being implemented in the rail industry for cost reductions, and improved efficiency and safety.


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