SmartDrive systems announce new patent for safety solution

SmartDrive systems announce new patent for safety solution

Risk-management company SmartDrive Systems have announced that a new patent has been issued, and three further patents are pending, for their SmartDrive Rail solution.

The newly patented technology uses highly advanced accelerometer technology and integrates with rail vehicle safety systems to detect high-risk maneuvers. The technology is embedded within SmartDrive Rail, and provides operators with critical insight into risks to help improve safety.

The patent refers to SmartDrive’s new triggering capability which enables SmartDrive Rail to understand when a rail vehicle is operating outside normal parameters, and then captures a video that can be reviewed and analysed by safety analysts, and prioritised for coaching.

SmartDrive Rail captures high-risk safety and compliance issues such as passing red-over-red, speeding, improper stopping, and the use of personal electronic devices by operators. The captured information is utilised by safety experts to improve safety.

The new capability integrates with SmartDrive’s rail safety systems including positive train control, automatic train protection and track brake systems.

(CC image courtesy of Ben Mizen on Flickr)

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