Smart Innovation Centre set to make NSW a hub for transport technology

Smart Innovation Centre set to make NSW a hub for transport technology

Transport for New South Wales, Australia, are seeking partners to lead the development of driverless vehicles at their new Smart Innovation Centre.

The objectives of the centre include growing and accelerating government transport technology research programs by working collaboratively with industry and universities.

The centre, which will be completely operational by mid-2017, will connect industry, investors, vehicle and technology manufacturers, researchers, government agencies, and data analysts to develop technology to improve safety, reduce congestion, and drive investment in innovative knowledge industries. The centre’s success will depend largely on partnerships formed with both local and national experts, and expressions of interest from industry, investors and academics are due by June 10.

As automated vehicle technology is being developed worldwide, the centre are interested in working with partners to explore what will be necessary to implement more automated transportation technology.

Transport for NSW is inviting expressions of interest from prospective partners in collaborative projects including:

  • Vehicle testing
  • Pilots and demonstrations, mostly in controlled environments such as hospital and business precincts for connected and automated vehicles and associated transport services and technologies.
  • Collaborative research projects which could cover data simulations or modelling of the outcomes of new transport technologies. These will assess the potential benefits and impacts prior to deployment and sponsorship to seed new commercial.
  • EOIs addressing credentials and proposed areas of involvement should be emailed to by the new deadline of Friday 10 June 2016.

    For more information, visit the Smart Innovation Centre’s webpage.

    (CC image courtesy of Faris Algosaibi)

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