RazorSecure Active Protection System

RazorSecure Active Protection System

RazorSecure Active Protection System

Cyber Protection For Transport Systems

“Security vulnerabilities exist in the most unlikely places throughout all transports networks. They are characterised by weakness. Attacks on ‘non-critical’ networks, such as passenger wifi may seem inconvenient but they can be a path to much greater access for the hacker.”
– Alex Cowan, RazorSecure CEO

When a threat breaches the traditional security ‘walls’, RazorSecure Delta software will actively detect, report and protect the system from the attack in real time, whether the train is connected or not.

RazorSecure is working in partnership with the manufacturers and system suppliers to provide a fully approved software solution that can be easily deployed on the existing hardware.

Small scale networks are everywhere!
RazorSecure can protect a variety of systems from transport to smart homes.

Active Protection
Don’t rely on perimeter security alone. Get active protection from external and internal threats.

Low Maintenance
RazorSecure is low maintenance. Perfect for systems that are not easily updated.

Automated Defence
Work with us to define automated defence protocols that take effect if a breach occurs.

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