NEM Solutions A.U.R.A

NEM Solutions A.U.R.A

NEM Solutions A.U.R.A

NEM Solutions’ patented A.U.R.A technology provides complete management solutions for those businesses responsible for the operation and maintenance of multi-system assets.

NEM’s technology has been in constant evolution for most of the last decade, and A.U.R.A is currently recognized as one of the most advanced technologies in the market for predictive maintenance and business management – the the railway industry as well as the wind industry.

Why A.U.R.A?
You need to know the condition of your assets, and partial visibility and partial knowledge are not enough. Because your business’ success depends on maximising the productivity of your assets, A.U.R.A provides global visibility and expert knowledge for all critical subsystems in your assets.

Expert Analysis
Monitoring, expert analysis, benchmarking, alarms management, O&M processes optimisation (based on each company’s KPIs) as well as other features make A.U.R.A one of the most valued tools in the market for predictive maintenance and asset management.

Harnessing Big Data
NEM use advanced Big Data techniques to precisely predict the future of each one of your assets and subsystems. A.U.R.A models the health of each asset individually, paying attention to its unique context. This approach allows NEM to guarantee the best possible performance of your assets and your business.

A.U.R.A has three product lines that can work in combination with one another according to customer needs:

  • A.U.R.A wheel – Wheelset Life Extension
    NEM’s expertise in wheel set life cycle management and maintenance, and their advanced tool A.U.R.A wheel, extend the life of your wheel sets and optimise maintenance.

  • A.U.R.A. diagnostic – Productivity Improvement
    Maximise the productivity and availability of your rolling stock with NEM’s expert tool for predictive maintenance.

  • A.U.R.A maint and A.U.R.A desk – Business Driven Data Management
    Total control of your business is now a reality thanks to A.U.R.A desk and A.U.R.A maint. Make your decisions based on how they affect your KPIs and optimise your maintenance plan in order to achieve your goals.

A.U.R.A manages over 40.000 railway cars and over 35 million railway wheel measurements.

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