Mechan Equipment Drop

Mechan Equipment Drop

Mechan Equipment Drop

Mechan’s versatile drops allow complete bogies, wheelsets and other modules to be changed quickly at track level so other maintenance can continue.

Bogie drops
Mechan produce bogie drops with three types of mechanism – the traditional scissor action, our intelligent screw jack system incorporating lift towers, or the self contained screw jack. The latter versions are favoured by depot operators for their greatly reduced pit depth, minimising civil costs during construction.

Efficient servicing
Mechan’s drops lower equipment away from the train so it does not need to be split or lifted, allowing other maintenance, inspection or cleaning to continue while work is taking place. This means bogie change is feasible within two hours and the vehicle can be returned to service as quickly as possible.

Unrivalled flexibility
You can tailor make any Mechan equipment drop to the inuqie needs of your depot with our wide range of optional extras. They include:
• Scissor or screw type lifting
• Floor level or portal body supports
• Centre and/or side pits in the bridge
• Bogie support aims for wheelset removal
• Single or twin bridge design
• Adapters for all types of under car module

Systems to suit you
The configuration of Mechan equipment drops depends on the rolling stock you are handling and the potential for civil works on site. They are easier to install in new facilities, but Mechan’s expert engineers can find suitable solutions for existing maintenance depots. A rail mounted module handler is often supplied with the systems to interface between the bridge and the unit being removed.

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