Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Deutsche Bahn collaborate on ‘augmented reality’ windows and more

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Deutsche Bahn collaborate on ‘augmented reality’ windows and more

The Innovation Train Project

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. and Deutsche Bahn have partnered to implement cutting edge technology that has been developed by HTT engineers in the new ‘Innovation Train’ project. The technologies that have so far been announced as part of the Innovation Train project are not, however strictly do with the famous Hyperloop technology itself, but with other related developments – such as augmented reality windows.

The exciting collaboration between these two industry leaders sees the engineering expertise of one of the leading Hyperloop companies being utilised by Europe’s biggest railway operator to bring a ‘digital presence’ to the world of modern train transportation.

Augmented and virtual windows

The Innovation Train project, funded by Deutsche Bahn, is not about implementing the patented Hyperloop technology in Deutsche Bahn, but introducing other innovations that the the HTT team have been working on. Examples include augmented reality and virtual windows. Because Hyperloop pods will not have windows, HTT engineers have been working hard to develop interactive, digital windows to enhance passenger experience, and their solutions have great potential for ‘conventional’ trains that are currently in operation, as well as the Hyperloop pods of the future.

As well as being a necessity for Hyperloop pods, the screen technologies in development have the potential to improve passenger experience in the railways even before we see Hyperloop pods in our cities. Virtual and augmented reality screens have the potential not only to generate revenue for railway operators through advertising, but for companies to create virtual worlds for passengers to experience while in transit.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. is one of three Hyperloop companies who are currently developing Hyperloop technology. HTT boasts a team of 520 experts who are bringing disruptive innovation into the traditional transport industry.

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