How will NEM Solutions’ new app make rail better?

NEM Solutions app AURA

How will NEM Solutions’ new app make rail better?

Maintenance technology company NEM Solutions has released a new app that enables maintenance managers to receive real-time updates about the health of railway vehicles directly to their mobile.

The availability of train fleet data has been a problem for many decades in the attempt to shift to digitalised rail maintenance. If data is not available to the right people at the right time, confidence in digital solutions diminishes and the inevitable shift to a more efficient and safer digital railway becomes slower and more difficult to implement.

The ability to display data on different devices in a seamless way is therefore fundamental in bringing about this shift.

NEM’s A.U.R.A app enables asset managers to stay constantly informed about the exact health of their trains. It also allows the flexibility and portability of this data to be brought to the real world, where the actual maintenance work happens.

Engineers and managers can now visualise data in a seamless way wherever they are. Travelling on business, or anywhere outside the work place, it is possible to quickly access critical data to solve urgent client issues, or undertake fault finding in remote locations such as outstations and yards where corrective maintenance is sometimes undertaken.

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Flexibility and user interface experience are cornerstones of the successful implementation of innovation and digital strategy within large organisations, and NEM has invested heavily to create a genuine solution to this real business problem.

In a nutshell, the key benefit of NEM’s new app is that it makes critical operational data even more readily available to maintainers and asset managers. This means greater operational efficiency, collaboration, customer satisfaction, and increased fleet reliability.

For railway operators, the app promises maximum control over business efficiency and rail operations by providing key data insights in real-time, accelerating the shift towards condition-based maintenance.

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What is Condition-Based Maintenance?

Condition-based maintenance enables railway maintenance teams and asset managers to understand and predict the health of their railway vehicles using sensors and software.

The process is all about reacting effectively to maintenance needs. Having detailed data on the health of a railway asset allows maintenance teams to maximise the productivity of the vehicle, and know exactly when maintenance work is necessary.

The business case for condition-based maintenance is becoming more and more established, as operators consistently report cost reductions and improved operational efficiency as a result of implementing technology such as NEM’s. Deliverability of this technology is key for customer satisfaction, and NEM provide a proven solution in this arena.

The evolution of smart Condition-Based Monitoring

Connected with NEM’s A.U.R.A diagnostic technology, the A.U.R.A app can be used to monitor trains that have NEM Onboard Eye (NOE) installed.

The A.U.R.A diagnostic technology monitors subsystems within the train such as doors, heating, ventilation, air-con, BCU and TCU, providing alerts for any abnormal behaviour. The app means that even before turning on a computer the maintenance manager can receive real-time monitoring alerts.

NEM’s innovative new app is a big step in the evolution of smart condition-based maintenance, which harnesses Big Data and connectivity to create insights that help asset managers maximise business efficiency.

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