Deutsche Bahn targeted in global cyber attack

db cyber attack

Deutsche Bahn targeted in global cyber attack

German railway operator Deutsche Bahn has confirmed that they were targeted in a global cyber attack that has scrambled computer systems in countries around the world.

Cyber criminals tricked victims into opening malware through email scams that purported to contain invoices, job offers, and security warnings. The ransomware encrypted data on the computers and demanded payments of up to $600 to restore access.

The ransom message appeared on Deutsche Bahn screens across stations in Germany, images of which were captured by commuters and shared on social media.

The tools used in the cyber attack are thought by some to have been developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA), and stolen by the cyber gang ‘Shadow Brokers’.

The global cyber attack targeted systems around the world, with Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan amongst the top targets. Various industries and high profile organisations were attacked.

This event corroborates growing concern in the rail industry about the urgent need for improved cybersecurity.

In response to recent events, Robert Brown, Executive Chairman of RazorSecure, commented

‘In my view we are still not taking the threat to the transport sector seriously enough bearing in mind the potential impact. We have got off lightly. We have the technology to protect our critical infrastructure but do we have the commitment at Board level, and the allocation of the required budgets?

The industry is talking about cyber, but now is the time to act before it’s too late. The recent cyber attack highlights that ‘walls don’t work’, and that legacy systems found in the increasingly connected transport sector are vulnerable.

RazorSecure Delta would have detected the attack when the systems were infected, when it was hunting for other machines to infect, and when it triggered its payload. RazorSecure would have identified this attack when it was implemented and prevented the impact.’



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