Cobham Wireless launch compact GSM-R tester

Cobham Wireless launch compact GSM-R tester

Cobham Wireless, a global leader in the provision of advanced wireless coverage and mobile communication systems, has announced the launch of a new mobile tester designed to test railway GSM-R communications systems.

Railway network operators and suppliers of GSM-R radios and modems need to be able to validate the correct operation, both in the laboratory and in the field. The Cobham Wireless 2201R is designed to connect directly to GSM-R device types including high-powered Class 2 radios, and is a replacement for the previous-generation 4202R tester.

Portable, with an easy-to-use interface, the 2201R provides fast and accurate RF measurements and a full range of features including voice, data and SMS testing. Featuring optional battery operation with up to 2.5 hours life, the 2201R’s compact form-factor and light weight—just 6.2 kg including the battery—make it easy to perform.

The 2201R features the simulation of group calls (VGCS) including emergency calls to verify the performance of the only cab and mobile radios but also peripherals such as optical and acoustical alarms. These tests ensure proper performance to verify that safety functions work in an emergency.

The 2201R also allows voice group calls to and from the mobile to validate bi-directional communication. For the mobile originated call, the tester decodes the group ID and priority level while performing measurements.

The short message service (SMS) function in the 2201R focusses on retrieving all the necessary parameters used by the phone for transferring messages that will help the technician to analyse faulty behaviour.

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