White Papers

How is Deutsche Bahn using smart sensor technology to avoid infrastructure failure?

With infrastructure constantly growing – as well as ageing – condition monitoring of assets is essential to drive efficiency savings (maintenance optimisation), and to reduce the risk of infrastructure failure in the long term. As renewals and maintenance account for almost half of infrastructure managers’ expenditure, smart maintenance planning and spending has become paramount. A […]

The Challenges of Integrating Novel Wayside Rolling Stock Monitoring Technologies: A Case Study

Summary Wayside condition monitoring of rolling stock is being adopted by many railroads around the world, particularly by freight and heavy haul. These technologies have progressed significantly over the last decade, enabling railroads to better target their maintenance resources at the worst performing vehicles with a goal to improve the long term efficiency and safety […]

5 breakthrough innovations and technologies that will shape the future of railway maintenance

We are living in a time of innovation and massive technological advancement, and it is clear that the ever-increasing pace of technological advancement will be a major driver of change in the rail industry in the coming months and years. What’s more, the history of technology teaches us that technological progress is not just linear, […]

Euskotren achieves excellence in wheelset maintenance and management through pioneering software

The ability to accurately and reliably monitor an asset’s health and be able to determine it future condition and remaining operating life is key to optimising wheelset maintenance across rolling stock depots. Through dynamic and informed programming, predictive maintenance tasks of train systems such as wheels, gearboxes and traction packages can be scheduled to coincide […]

A Matter of Trust! DEUTA-WERKE

The use of every machine, every piece of equipment and every vehicle is based on the belief that all necessary measures have been taken to exclude all conceivable safety critical operating and function errors or at least to minimise these so that no serious damage to products occurs and that there is no threat to life and limb for users or for the […]

Automatic passenger counting system- Santiago Metro

This document describes the application, in Metro S.A. de Santiago, of train weighing technology, called Weighline, for determining the number of passengers on board the trains. This system supplies a variety of information in real time for the purpose amongst other things of determining operating variables that impact on the quality of service and the overall efficiency of Metro […]

Seeing the World with the Latest Display Technology: Advantech Video Wall Controllers Certified By Matrox

The advancements in video wall technology are opening up more windows on the world, conveying new thoughts and messages of the latest developments in many areas. From digital signage in sports, entertainment, shopping and other public venues, to mission-critical control rooms for military operations, power and energy, factory automation, transportation management, security and surveillance, video […]

ABS on the Rails

High-speed trains are an essential part of efficient transport infrastructure in any modern industrialized country. But the trains’ travel speeds–of up to 250 km/h and more–place enormous demands on brake system mechanical components and control electronics. For the last 15 years, ETAS tools have helped Knorr-Bremse AG to develop the software for managing and controlling […]