Innovation in railway lifting equipment

Innovation is not only about new technology. Innovation is about achieving magnitude and scale in projects that has never been achieved before. One glowing examples of this sort of innovation is Mechan’s record-breaking jacks at the Alstom Transport Traincare Centre in Longsight, near Manchester. Mechan‘s 44-jack chain, the longest single system of lifting jacks in […]

How is Deutsche Bahn using smart sensor technology to avoid infrastructure failure?

With infrastructure constantly growing – as well as ageing – condition monitoring of assets is essential to drive efficiency savings (maintenance optimisation), and to reduce the risk of infrastructure failure in the long term. As renewals and maintenance account for almost half of infrastructure managers’ expenditure, smart maintenance planning and spending has become paramount. A […]

The Challenges of Integrating Novel Wayside Rolling Stock Monitoring Technologies: A Case Study

Summary Wayside condition monitoring of rolling stock is being adopted by many railroads around the world, particularly by freight and heavy haul. These technologies have progressed significantly over the last decade, enabling railroads to better target their maintenance resources at the worst performing vehicles with a goal to improve the long term efficiency and safety […]

Protran and Johns Hopkins University develop unmanned rail inspection robot

Harsco Corporation’s Protran Technology unit are partnering with Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory to introduce a new, unmanned vehicle that can perform traditional railway safety and security operations. The Instrumented Rail inspection System (IRis) is the product of research work funded by the Transportation Security Administration at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, […]

Fujitsu develop rail delay prediction solution using artificial intelligence

Japanese information technology giants Fujitsu are undertaking field trials to develop a new system that predicts delay time. The prediction engine is being developed in partnership with SRI International, and Jorudan Co. Fujitsu’s new engine, which will predict the length of delays, learns from past train delay information, and delivers updates through a cloud-based service. […]

$140bn plan to use high-speed rail in urbanising interior Australia

An international consortium has begun plans to connect the three major Australians cities of Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne by way of a 917-km high-speed rail system. The proposed rail system will be funded by the construction of eight sustainable cities along the route. The plan is set to offer significant benefits to Australians, 46% of […]

PARC to implement Condition-Based Maintenance for East Japan Railway Company

PARC have been selected by the East Japan Railway Company (JR-East) to implement its hybrid condition-based maintenance approach, which combines system modelling and data analytics. Traditional maintenance methods practiced by most companies in the industry are schedule-based. The innovative condition-based maintenance approach being used by PARC and the East Japan Railway Company means that through […]

SmartDrive systems announce new patent for safety solution

Risk-management company SmartDrive Systems have announced that a new patent has been issued, and three further patents are pending, for their SmartDrive Rail solution. The newly patented technology uses highly advanced accelerometer technology and integrates with rail vehicle safety systems to detect high-risk maneuvers. The technology is embedded within SmartDrive Rail, and provides operators with […]