4 Exciting Exhibitors To Look Out For At Railtex 2017

4 exciting exhibitors to look out for at Railtex 2017

4 Exciting Exhibitors To Look Out For At Railtex 2017

Railtex is the leading showcase for railway suppliers in the UK, and we are glad to have a number of our partners represented at the show.

From drone solutions, to depot equipment, to tracking, to remote condition monitoring, they’ve got it covered. Here’s our low-down on the exhibitors that you should know about this year.

MRL Eye – drone suppliers and operators

aerialtronics drone

The drone industry is booming, and there has been a lot of talk recently about how drone based-solutions can benefit the rail industry.

It looks like Railtex is shaping up to be a busy time for drone suppliers and operators like MRL Eye.

In the last couple of years we have seen more and more rail companies around the world improving safety and efficiency and reducing maintenance costs with the help of drones.

Want to learn more? MRL Eye will be giving a presentation on May 11 at 1100-1150, on ‘Intelligent Infrastructure – Intelligent Drones. Changing how the world makes decisions’.

Can’t make the presentation? You can still find them at stand J81 for a chat.

Mechan – depot equipment specialists

mechan lifting jacks

Mechan’s reputation as world leaders in depot equipment is going from strength to strength.

Recently acquired by the French CIM Group, Mechan are renowned for producing depot equipment of an extraordinarily high-standard.

Amongst Mechan’s portfolio of engineering feats is their system of lifting jacks that is capable of lifting 11-car trains in perfect synchronicity.

So if you are after depot equipment expertise, make sure to visit Mechan at stand N10.

Frauscher – Frauscher Tracking Solutions


At Railway Innovation we cannot get enough of Frauscher’s latest innovation, Frauscher Tracking Solutions.

In fact, we featured Frauscher Tracking Solutions as one of the top innovations of InnoTrans 2016.

Based on the principle of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), Frauscher Tracking Solutions enable applications for train tracking, asset condition monitoring, and security – with one single solution.

Want to learn more? You’ll find Frauscher UK at stand G37.

Trimble Railway Solutions


Remote condition monitoring is one of the most important innovations of recent years, enabling operators to predict problems before they occur.

The benefits are huge – reductions in downtime, improved safety and efficiency, and maximum value from the asset.

Trimble are leaders in remote condition monitoring, and they are constantly adding to their portfolio of successful implementations around the world.

And Trimble’s rail portfolio is now even more impressive, having recently acquired Beena Vision, whose wayside inspection systems integrate with Trimble’s rolling stock asset management solutions to provide operating companies with a more complete picture of their rolling stocks’ health.

Want to learn more? You’ll find Trimble Railway Solutions at stand G40.

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